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Fashion is becoming so affordable that even such a trivial thing as a plastic bag becomes part of the image. Great idea in two versions: as a shopping bag like on the Jil Sander show, and as a top at Jeremy Scott. But can it soon turn into a massive fashion conveyor for the production of multi-functional products?

1. Jeremy Scott SS 2011 2. Jil Sander SS 2011

One of the concepts of fashion-industry development according to Forum For The Future organization is high prices for natural fibers will lead to higher prices for clothes. Therefore in order to save natural fabrics many communities will once again get back to uniforms not only in the workplace but also in everyday life. Among the luxury brands there is going to be strong competition, but not for customers but for the fabric. The new line of business will be the recycling of old clothes.

Stylists at clothing repair departments will easily and quickly pimp your shabby coat.

Imagine ordinary clothing boutiques will be repressed by the "wardrobe libraries" where the clothes will be grouped by year of harvest of silk, linen and cotton. Accordingly, in the "library of high fashion" there could be found samples from natural fabrics. Stylists at clothing repair departments will easily and quickly pimp your shabby coat.

EcoChic design competition

Saint Martins graduate Mark Liu created a special technique of cutting with a minimum of waste by tailoring: fabric leftovers are used in making the clothing details: pockets, collar, cuffs, inserts. A well-known fashion school Parsons launched courses teaching a "zero waste" cutting technique.


1day Subtraction Cutting workshop at London College of Fashion.Join the next one on 19 February 2016...

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In Russia the fashion-forwarders continue this trend. Entrepreneur Olga Grasser opened in both Moscow and St.Petersburg the sewing classes Grasser. A commission store of brand clothes Second Friend Store accepts and sells an interesting, high-quality clothing, shoes and accessories.


Наше сложное моделирование. Прошло два занятия. Девчонки огонь! Вчера во время занятия разговаривали не только о моделировании, много было разговоров о дефектах, технологии и о дизайне!) #Grasser #школашитья

Публикация от Школа GRASSER. Шитье. Выкройки (@grasser_department)

Fashion is a reflection of reality, and natural materials which are 80 percent of the product price - is a luxury today. And in light of such events haute couture seems real escapism.


Text Stanislav Zimin

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